The Salak Group works with a wide variety of companies, NGOs and nonprofits involved in education, professional services, technology, performing arts, and health & fitness, among others. Our work has involved messaging, positioning, press outreach, social media, Website & collateral development, customer acquisition & engagement, crisis communications and event management. A partial list of clients and activities includes:


Christ the King Newark

CtK Newark is a member of the Cristo Rey network of high schools that specialize in preparing first generation, inner city students for college.

Services (Pro Bono): Media outreach, development and positioning support.

Edison Learning Inc

Edison Learning is a leading international educational services provider that offers effective and sustainable solutions—schools, management programs, cyber education initiatives, and software—to raise student achievement in grades K-12.

Services: Collateral development, newsletter production, brand positioning.


An emerging group of early learning centers and childcare facilities based in New York that is expected to grow to 20 centers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn in the next five years.

Services: Comprehensive program to establish and promote the E+D brand, including collateral and Website development, media outreach, social media programs, and all digital and print advertizing programs.

Mohawk Country Day School

MCDS is a long-standing state-certified early education and licensed kindergarten and first grade facility in White Plains.

Services: Re-branding, message development, collateral creation.

The Hudson School

A private college preparatory school in Hoboken, NJ.

Services (Pro Bono): Media outreach, development and brand positioning.


Child'Space Hoboken

An infant-focused health and movement practice for parents and their babies that supports proper development and well being through workshops and private instructions in New Jersey.

Services: Branding, core messaging, eBook development/promotion and media outreach support.


Move2Live is a movement therapy group based in Hoboken, NJ that helps adults and infants overcome injuries, physical limitations, reduce stress, improve mobility and enhance body awareness by applying techniques based on Feldenkrais, Child’Space and therapeutic yoga.

Services: Branding, social media, event management, advertising and press outreach.


Konstorum, LLC is a privately company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut that is dedicated to unleashing the power of genetics-based wellness reports that empower it clients to lead active and healthy lives.

Services: Complete brand launch and implementation of operational strategy including strategic positioning; logo, website and collateral development; public relations support; and sales outreach.


A national fitness and nutrition company focused on providing healthy lifestyle alternatives.

Services: Messaging and media support.

Acupuncture Atlanta

Acupuncture Atlanta is a functional medicine group that specializes in acupuncture, chiropractic care and Chinese Herbal medicine. Based in Atlanta, the group’s online presence supports worldwide distribution of nutrients, supplements, vitamins and herbal medicines.

Services: Strategic positioning and Your Mitochondria book development, distribution and promotion.

Keto With Plants

Keto with Plants is a nutrition and wellness platform that helps clients reclaim healthy lifestyles through enhanced dieting and related programs.

Services: Messaging, positioning, eBook development and publication to fuel branding and cross marketing.

Florida Functional Medication

Florida Functional Medicine is a full-service practice that focuses on providing patients with customized, long-term solutions that deal with the root causes their medical problems rather than simply the symptoms.

Services: Deployment of a strategic branding and messaging program to drive business development through funnel marketing and targeted outreach.


American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC)

A national coalition/agreement between nearly 700 colleges and universities to promote sustainability through teaching and action.

Services: Brand development, positioning and media outreach in line with the ACUPCC’s fifth anniversary.


A national non-profit based in New York that brings together leading technology companies to help other nonprofits enhance their internal IT platforms and to provide IT training and professional development to young adults.

Services: Positioning, collateral development, third-party promotion, event support and video production.

Telecommunications Institute of America/SuperCOMM

The Washington-based TIA has been the leading trade association for the telecommunications industry in the United States for decades. Among other activities, it produced SuperCOMM, the largest annual telecommunications trade show in the world.

Services: The management of TIA’s SuperQuest/EOS Award program and the creation and management of its Digital Media Forum.

Think London

A division of the British government, Think London was London’s official foreign direct investment agency.

Services: TSG worked to create a series of events, workshops and media placements in the U.S. designed to promote London and the UK’s digital media investment opportunities in association with the 2012 Olympics.


The Salak Group Clients

Performing Arts/Arts

Busker Alley Production

Broadway remake of classic AJ Carothers book and later British film, St. Martin’s Lane.

Services: Business development and strategic partnership development.

Robert Policastro

Policastro is a renowned artist in northern New Jersey.

Services: The creation and promotion of a Hoboken-based exhibit.

Ride5 Media Group

Among other activities, Ride5 Media produces documentaries on transformative directors, artists, painters and writers. Their work included the production of “mindFLUX,” feature film documentary on legendary playwright, director and designer Richard Foreman.

Services: Promotion and business development, which included arranging a showing of mindFLUX at the New York Arts Club.

Revolutionary Love Productions

RLP is a boutique theater company that produces a range of engagements, musicals, plays and other productions in the New York area.

Services: Promotion, branding and development.

The World of MG Crisci

This is an umbrella organization that supports Matt Crisci, a noted businessman who has transferred into novels and speaking opportunities.

Services: TSG in conjunction with Big Boost Media (its e-Book division) helped develop and market a series of eBooks for Crisci, most notably—White Lily.

24 Words

24WORDS is an original rock musical designed to take audiences on the 200-year odyssey to achieve women’s equality that ran from 1775 to 1972.

Services: Messaging and Web site development.

Professional Services

Klink & Co

An international consulting and investigative firm specializing in anticorruption practices and protection.

Services: Collateral development, event support, media outreach.

Lehman Brothers

A global financial services group (now Defunct).

Services: Provided marketing collateral and content development for Lehman’s Capital Solutions Group with an emphasis on quant research and investment practices.

Muller Insurance Co.

An insurance agency operating in 25 states.

Services: Supported a rebranding and customer acquisition program that included Website redesign, advertising outreach, content marketing, video development and an online funnel program.

Dezan Shira Associates

DSA specializes in supporting foreign direct investment practices primarily throughout Asia by providing corporate establishment, business advisory, tax advisory and compliance help.

Services: Digital platforms, US outreach and messaging, media outreach



A French company with a small position in New York and the US. Aquafadas provides IT solutions to the publishing industry.

Services: Event support and media outreach.


A New York-based technology group focused on supplying online CRM and data management and operations systems for the education, legal and the medical services.

Services: Messaging, Website and content development for the launch of its new platform.

IP Trade

A Belgian-based group that specializes in producing software for the financial services industry.

Services: Producing a landmark event in New York to showcase the group’s latest IT offerings.


OBRIZUM is a cloud-based adaptive learning platform developed in the United Kingdom that is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence technology. It is designed to allow organizations in high-skill areas to automatically create, deliver and monitor adaptive online learning and development programs.

Services: Messaging and media outreach.


Mile Square Frame

Mile Square Frame is a long-standing high-end custom frame operation serving northern New Jersey.

Services: Brand repositioning, including name and logo development; website rebuild. social media outreach and event management.


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