The Good Word

Executives, authors, corporations, nonprofits and retailers can ride the expanding billion-dollar eBook market to build brands, drive book sales, support cause marketing, raise funds and increase retails sales across multiple product lines.

Through our associated firm, Big Boost Media, TSG offers a cost-effective and highly integrated strategy to use interactive eBooks to systematically engage key audiences for near and long-term gains. Our eBook program offers executives, companies, services providers and retailers a complete package of content development, design, interactive channel implementation, distribution and promotion.

Recent eBook programs have helped sales and brand enhancements for MG Crisis with Call Sign White Lily; renown healthy eating authority Jennifer Iserloh (The Skinny Chef) with 50 Shades of Kale; and Child’Space and Feldenkrais movement therapist Suzanne Ausnit with Back to Normal, among others.

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